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With no luck getting a hold of carabiners in good colors we had to take matters into our own hands. These are great Pear / HMS shape S-Screwlock carabiners; Light weight aluminum sporting a classic pin nose for the most strength. The Pear shape offers a large gate opening and can be a belay device using a HMS knot. The screw lock is well knurled for a solid grip while the screw itself is designed so it can't be overtightened. Finally for a small detail, markings are stamped rather than etched to keep as much of the carabiner properly colored as possible. Meets UIAA standards.

 Gate Opening   Major   Minor   Open   Length   Width   Weight   Weight 
1"/ 25mm 28kN 11kN 8kN 4.9" 2.9" 3.20oz 0.20lbs

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