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Wheres my order? - If none of the below answered your questions about your order you can always call customer service at (951)929-6400 between 10-5pm PST or email us at:  

Calling will get you an answer much quicker. But please read below to see if your question can be answered here.

How long does shipping take?  – Normally, you will receive a shipping confirmation email in 1-3 business days, as long as you haven’t ordered any items that are on backorder.  We ship with USPS first class with tracking which gets to every state in 1-4 days usually. There are other shipping options availble as well.

International Customers: We HIGHLY recommend you purchase the Route Protection, especially if you live in a country with a history of mail theft. We will not refund or replace any orders that decline the Route Protection.

What does backordered mean? - That means we are special ordering it for you and getting it from the manufacturer. If we are not able to get you the back ordered item in a timely matter we reserve the right to refund that item.

If I pay for USPS priority or express mail shipping does that mean my order will ship the same day it's placed or will my order get put ahead of other orders? - No. The 1-3 business days for handling still applies and orders are filled in order by when we receive them. Paying for faster shipping will just get it to you faster once USPS gets the package from us.

Do you ship outside the US? – Yes. We HIGHLY recommend you purchase the Route Protection, especially if you live in a country with a history of mail theft. We will not refund or replace any orders that decline the Route Protection.

How much is shipping to (insert country here)? - Add items to your cart and start the checkout process to get the shipping prices.

How long does back ordered items take to come in? – 1-3 weeks usually. Please do not order a backordered item if you aren’t prepared to wait 3 weeks for your entire order. We reserve the right to refund back ordered items and ship the rest of your order if we're not able to get your back ordered items in 3 weeks.

Can I cancel my order? - No, orders are generally shipped faster then we check the email. If you ordered backordered items we can refund the backordered items and ship the rest of your order if you'd rather not wait for the backordered items.

It's been (insert amount of time longer then 1-3 business days) where is my shipping confirmation email? - You ordered something backordered and we are waiting for it to come in so we can send your entire order.

I wasn't aware anything was on back order... - If you have pop-ups disabled on your computer or your mobile device then you may have missed the green pop-up that appears at the bottom of the screen before you add the item to the cart. When you add a backordered item in the cart it also says "Status: backorder" if it's backordered underneath the item in the cart. If an item is not on backorder then it doesn't say anything under them item. It will also say backordered under the item you ordered on your receipt. 

Do you make custom patches? – Yes. Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. Send us an email with vector art, size, quantity, and material you would like them in to: and we will get you a quote.

Can I add/subtract something from my order? – Yes, send us an email at and we will try our best to catch it before your order ships, no promises.

Will you sponsor my airsoft/paintball team/youtube channel/IG page? – At this time we do not have sponsorship opportunities.

What is your refund/return policy? - If an item is damaged upon receiving it or you decide you don’t want it for whatever reason please email and we will get you taken care of. Refunds and returns must be done within 30 days of receiving your order.

You haven’t responded to my email? What gives? - We answer emails Monday-Friday and it takes 24 hours to respond to emails. If you’re rude in your email expect your email to be ignored.