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THE GREEN DOOR STICKER - Tactical Outfitters


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The Green Door was where you acquired liquor
and beer in Kabul, Afghanistan (according to
some guy). We would have never participated
in the illegal booze trade as you could get in
big trouble. Like, worse than the big trouble
they had in Little China in that movie with the
kung fu black magic and stuff. The place was
heavily guarded and was like a black market
Costco; you just had to know where it was.
Stella Artois, Heineken, and Johnnie Walker
were usually in stock.
To get the goods, you needed a low-vis vehicle,
clothes that made you look like a contractor or
something, and definitely no military uniforms.
A little courage didn't hurt as IEDs were all the
rage, and more than one close call has been
reported while on a booze run. It was as close
as you could get to living in the prohibition era,
with the extra spice of it being in an unstable
part of the world.
One thing is for sure, you can threaten people
with whatever you want, try and prevent them
from having alcohol, and they will still figure
out a way to get their hands on a bottle to take
the edge off of life in a war zone, or so we've
been told.

  • 4.5'x 3.61"
  • Weather Tough
  • Scotch Scented

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