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When you think of jack-o’-lanterns you think pumpkins right? But do you know where the whole Halloween jack-o’-lantern thing even came from? We’ll sit down and let your boy Eddie tell you a little tale about Ol’ Stingy Jack.

So the old Irish legend goes that a drunk prankster who went by Stingy Jack pulled a quick one on the devil and basically trapped the devil either in his pocket or in a tree surrounded by crosses. Well Ol’ Stingy Jack made a deal with the Devil and said, “Hey Devil, I’ll let you go but you go to promise me I’ll never go to Hell.” The Devil agreed for Jacks terms and was set free, effectively allowing to world to get fucked up again. Stupid ass Jack. Anyways so Jack is getting old and dies. Well obviously the dumb ass doesn’t go to heaven and gets sent to hell and the Devil was like naw homie seats taken, so the Devil is like here have this ember from hell. Jack put the ember in a carved up turnip and roams the world between the dead and the living, trying to lure poor souls to their death so he can once again meet the devil.


  • 5.6”x3”
  • Hook and loop backed
  • glow on the dark
  • limited to only 50 pieces

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