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CARBONEER – Ultralight Minimal Carbon Fiber Key Clip

  • 1999

Stylish, ultra-light, and modern carbon fiber belt clip keeps your keys organized and within reach at all times. MUST HAVE for EDC GEAR.
Carboneer is CNC machined from ultra-light, ultra-strong carbon fiber. It has unique cutouts that provide comfortable finger grips. There are multiple holes for keychain attachment.


Carbon Fiber is a high tech material that normally only finds practical uses in industries like Aerospace, Performance Cars, and Extreme Sports, but usually only enters our daily lives in cosmetic, and often fake, applications. With Carboneer, the carbon fiber is being used first for its strength and high tech properties, and second for it’s natural good looks.


A keychain hook doesn’t have to be made of heavy metal. Carbon fiber’s superior strength to weight ratio allows us to design a key chain hook that weighs less than a single key, but is stronger than aluminum, titanium or steel.


Skeletonized cutouts not only look awesome, they also reduce weight, and create a grippy surface for your fingers to hold onto, making it easy to grab, hook and unhook. The inner concave curve keeps the Carboneer securely hooked.


Three holes at the bottom provide 3 different places to attach keys or keychains. This reduces the bundled mass of keys into a lower profile, and organizes your keys for easy identification.


The Carboneer is CNC machined from carbon fiber plate, and the edges are chamfered to make them smooth.

It measures:

  • Length: 2.62in (66.55mm)
  • Width: 1in (25.4mm)
  • Thickness: 0.12in (3.05mm)

Carboneer is a BASTION LLC + ENGINEERABLE LLC collaboration

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