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  • HANDS FREE: Light Adjusts Up To a 45 Degree Angle. Fully Adjustable Elastic Strap One Size Fits All.
  • 4-Mode: High Light, Low Light, Red Light, White light+ Red light Strobe. Easily Change Modes with One Push of the Button. Please Note: No Memory Mode.
  • High Quality LED Bulbs Last Up To 100,000 Hours. Requires 3 AAA Batteries NOT Included
  • Bright and Durable Design making it Perfect For Sports, Camping, Fishing, Jogging, Boating, Canoeing, Grilling, Emergencies, Household Work, or Anything Else That Requires a Flashlight!
  • Extremely Comfortable to Use and Wear. Also 100% SATISFACTION, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Excellent quality and cost-effective: Made using high quality LED, making the light bright and dependable.

Adjustable head strap to fit any size of head, suitable for adults and children.

Llightweight (only 1.7oz without battery) and super comfortable. Non-slip strap won't fall or bob even when jogging or biking.

Water resistant: IPX4 waterproof rating makes it suitable for outdoor activities in most weather conditions.

3AAA batteries required and NOT included. 


1, Color: Tan green

2, Casing Material: ABS

3, LED Source: 1 White LED, 2 Small White LED, 2 Small Red LED

4, Max Output: 300 Lumens

5, Lighting Range: 80 Metres

6, Waterproof: IPX4

7, Weight: 48g (1.7oz, without battery)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My New Noggin' Light

I went online to Tactical Outfitters to buy a Moral Patch and decided to browse the store. I'm glad I did...........My review of the Bastion Headlamp Led Headlight 4 Mode Outdoor Flashlight.

> Headband - Comfortable, a lot of adjustment. This will fit children and adults alike.
> Power - 3 AAA Batteries (not included) *if you plan to use it a lot, go with rechargeable.
> Ease of use - I had no problem becoming accustomed to, wearing, or using the light.
> Switch - The switch is a dual push button rocker type switch that is behind a rubber button pad on the top of the light. Locating and using the switch was easy with some very minimal practice. It seems waterproof but I would suspect you do not want to wear this light under water. In a gentle rain though you should be ok.
> Light Operation - Pushing down on the right side of the switch the first time activates the two white flood lights. Push it again, and the two red flood lights illuminate. Push it one more time and the two red lights flash constantly. Push it again and all lights are off. Pushing down on the left side of the switch one time activates the center spotlight, on low. Push it again and it gets brighter. Push it a third time and it activates the international SOS signal until you turn it off.
> Lighting Performance - The two smaller white lights are softer, with a flood pattern. They would be perfect for up close work, such as searching through your gear in a tent/vehicle, or cooking, etc. The two smaller red lights are also soft, with a flood pattern. They seem to have less lumens than the two white flood lights which is normal and if you're in a tent searching for gear and have a camping partner even better to use. They would be my go-to light source as well if there are a lot of insects in the area. The flashing mode of these red lights would be perfect for riding a bike or jogging. You can turn the light on to this mode then wear it backwards on your bike helmet or head. Perhaps even on your arm. The center, larger, main light is just that. It has a spot beam with a softer illuminated surrounding beam. If you're hiking at night, or going to the porta-john, perfect. The second brighter option of this same light is going to be when you need the maximum amount of light all at once.
*The last mode is the International SOS signal flashing mode. This is something you’ll hope you will never need, however if you do it could just possibly save your life. You can never have too much safety equipment when you're isolated from civilization. If you only buy this light for this feature, it's worth it.

Do I recommend this light? Absolutely. Do I think it's worth the money? Yes, every penny. At this price, you can buy one for every member of your family, for emergency preparedness kits in your home, for every vehicle, for your outdoor activities gear bag, whatever. Kids would love these for sleepovers, etc.

Oh, not only did Tactical Outfitters have a serious amount of cool moral patches at reasonable prices, they had a bunch of other things I liked. I also bought a face/neck gaiter with a skull design. The website was easy to navigate, and ordering and communications, shipping were all excellent. I have bookmarked their site for my future needs.

Decent Headlamp

I think this could only be 5 stars even though it seems the connection point for the strap is a bit weak, although only having owned it for a week or so and using it but one time, I wouldn't really know. But I must give it 5 stars because of all of it's features and due to its' luminous capability. Thanks T.O.!

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